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Specializing in property mortgages, industrial and commercial shops, factory buildings, village houses, farmland, small house development, no age limit, first mortgage, second mortgage, free valuation, land acquisition, welcome to inquire.

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Property Mortgage

Service cover public housing, land, village houses, customers can choose suitable solutions according to their needs.

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Subprime Mortgage

Subprime loans, and customers can choose a suitable financing plan according to their needs and circumstances.

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Farmland Mortgages

Expand village houses financing services for the development of village house construction costs and land premiums.

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Vehicle & Parking Lot

Specializes in providing car and parking lot mortgages, as well as new car and old car loan services.

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Luxury Mortgage

Various types of jewellery, famous watches as collateral, will make the most accurate loan appraisal for the product.

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Foreclosure Property

Specializing in the sale of a foreclosure properties, and professional evaluation to make the most accurate loan evaluation for the product.

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About Us

"Fidelity Credit Limited" is an authorized finance company officially registered under the Money Lenders Ordinance (Chapter 163 of the Laws of Hong Kong), and the money lender license number: 1675/2022.

An authorized financial company formally incorporated in 2008. Since its establishment, we have been proactive in expanding our property loan business. We have rich experience in property mortgages, fully understand customer needs, and provide customers with various financial support.

Whether you need business turnaround, property purchase, car purchase, debt restructuring, etc...

As long as customers own properties such as: private buildings, tenements, small houses, village houses, luxury houses, shops, factories, office buildings or parking spaces, they can apply for first-mortgage and second-mortgage loans, and the loan ratio can reach 90% of the property's valuation. The interest can be as low as the bank interest rate, and the relevant mortgage loan documents are also handled by professional lawyers. Our service tenet: professional and reliable. Confidence guaranteed. The turnover is flexible, and we promise to remove all financial obstacles for those who own properties, and give them the "best choice" other than banks.

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